Great Tree of Æfenrest

The Great Tree of Æfenrest is the tallest and oldest known tree in the world and is located in Æfenrest’s Grove. It’s highest branches have towered over the highest clouds for the last 4000 years. It has weathered nearly every era. It is said that an ancient god saw the destiny of the tree to be tall, so that god plucked the seed off the Mighty Tree (which no longer stands) and planted it in an empty grove. That god watered the seed with adoration and love, and when the first sprout pressed through the earth, that god gave it a name.

The Dryad that lives in it is therefore very knowledgeable and wise. She is surrounded by trees and dryads that rose from her own seeds, and she loves them fiercely. In the early days before elves and men, each of the trees addressed the Great Tree by a name that was significant to it. And she knew every one of her names and by whom she was called that by. Her children would call her by a special name and she would come out of her tree to fellowship, aid, or for whatever reason they harkened her.

When the young mortals entered the world, elves were the first and most apt to befriend the Dryads and walk the path of Druids. Humans were much slower to learn the ways of the trees, and so fewer were the humans among the Druids. Then, a great and ancient Evil ravaged the world, and all mortals druid and laymen alike, enlisted the trees to aid in the war. And certainly, the Great Tree and even the Mighty Tree and their seedlings vowed their sap against the Evil. That war was long and had great casualties, but when the Mighty Tree gave it’s final seed, the Eugalith appeared, and that ancient Evil was vanquished.

The name of the city that has recently sprouted at the base of the tree is Béathelm.

Great Tree of Æfenrest

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